Sunday, January 30, 2011


Some may wonder why this is coming so late in the year; the truth is, a thorough and sober reflections takes time, and I believe this couldn't have come any sooner. The past year was fun, but not glorious; it helped me learn about some few notions I kept in life. In all, I am of the view that things have to change! Not only for me, but for all those around me. This year should be a year where we make things happen. There is a road ahead of us, full of conquest, this is the road we pry on this year.

I side with my president, this year should be a year of action! I, personally rid myself of all banality. I am tired of doing things others have done. What's the point in doing it, if it has already been done. This year, I say, we DARE TO DREAM OF THE IMPOSSIBLE.

Many times, people ask: What do you want to become in life? I presuppose this is a good question for self assessment. However, the question I want to deal with this year is, 'what have you achieved?'

This year, all the blueprints I have conceived and prepared will be put to action this year. I will be what I've been dreaming of. Another year to live, another bridge cross, some stones to turn, what can I say, life is worth living. LIVING IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE WHERE YOU FIND YOURSELF.

So this is my 'Declaration of Independence': I, Yaw Andoh Mensah, being of good and sound mind do declare the following
1. I believe in God, and all that is about him. I refuse to believe he is a concept of my incapability, because he is real and my closest ally.
2. I will excel in all I do this year because his son, Jesus, the Christ, is on my side.
3. I will achieve greatness, this year is just part of the beginning for the rest of my life.
4. I will conquer all my enemies, put them to shame and make them my allies.
5. I will put the needs of my loved ones' above all else, unless what they ask for is something I cannot give.
5. I will grow in wisdom, in knowledge and in stature; full of favour before God and man.
6. I will go places, and all men will seek after me.
7. Above all , no weapon fashioned against me, in the spirit world and this physical world will stand. I will live beyond reproach, I will soar like an eagle, never to want or be in need.

This is the beginning, of the new life, the one people have been dreaming of, I AM ABOUT TO LIVE IT!