Saturday, December 17, 2011


On the day of graduation they beamed with glamour and dreams, not all, but most. Full of hope of a brighter future, yet again, not all, but most. They took beautiful pictures and hanged them on their walls, informing the world of what they had achieved and make an annunciation of their arrival. It was days, then weeks, then weeks turned to months and months into ...

So it's been two or more years now, yet they walk by those pictures without a glitter of hope for the future. They ask themselves most often, " Is this what we toiled for?" The thought of knowing their worth and to not be appreciated by the systems in which they were born into drives them mad. So this is what they do:

Most, like the rest of the ignorant world do nothing but complain. Blaming people they do not know about their plight. Not that they are wrong in accusing them, because history keeps teaching us that it is 'their' fault with their greed, for most part, that accounts for failures in the system. They complain, drink, and engage in all manner of mundane activities just to continue being where they are. The few however, just like the industrious minority, go out there and make things happen. They invent, develop, innovate and arrive at brilliant solutions to solve some problems in the world. In the other extreme, also in the minority, the Dark Lords. They give in, into the deceptive diabolical persuasions of the phantom within their soul, bringing nothing but hurt, sorrow and misery to the rest of the world.

On Christmas, they shall all meet again, in homes, streets, shops, bars, clubs, and those secret places unknown to the majority. They shall all remind themselves of their 'good old days' and how the degenerate world has been unfair to their stars. They shall pass resolutions for a better tomorrow; they shall raise their glasses to life.

Even the sorrowful know how to be hopeful in this festive season. Santa might not be real for them, but the Spirit of Christmas is. The Spirit lies in the essence of the stories passed down over generations; some of them might hold a different opinion in that respect. It has never been about just the story: its about family, friends and hope of a better a future. This is what this festive season reminds them of. They might be jobless and distraught for most part of the year; nonetheless, this part of the year is a time for re-assuring themselves that it is not too late for better days to come.