Thursday, August 11, 2011


Recently, (well, not quite true when I put it like that since this has been going on for years), the media airwaves has been filled with unwholesome political talk. However, I believe that offensive comments made about Nana Akuffo-Addo and the continuous abuse of the President of the nation is rather unfortunate. On the other hand it’s rather strange that this has become a unbearable of all a sudden. Could it be that the people, the nation, has had enough of foolish political talk?

Ever since Ghana had its independence, the quest to perfect our democracy has brought unthinkable twists and turns. I wonder if anybody could sit in a studio of a radio station and say the President looks like a chimpanzee between 1957 and 1999. Surprisingly, we can say it now. Sitting behind this computer, I’m wondering what leaders and heads of state within the “dare not” period are thinking to themselves when they hear such demeaning comments about the current head of state. Oh, how they wish they were in power to teach such “idiots” the lesson of their lives. I guess enough has been said in allusion to the sitting president. Let us now concentrate on the opposition party.

Nana Akuffo-Addo has been called a drug addict, wee smoker, womanizer, arrogant, fruitcake, and other unthinkable names in this country. Could this be because he is in the NPP? Could this be a strategy just to sully his image to dissuade him from contending in the next election? Could this be because he chose to be in the limelight and desire to the head of this noble and sovereign nation? Is this what we the coming generation should look up to when aspiring to be politicians or public figures? This practice is not the best and does no good for our young democracy.

Whatever the reason might be, I believe that social issues can be addressed without insulting others who might seemingly oppose one’s idea. It is high time this nonsense stopped! I am happy the media commission has come out to criticize this uncouth behavior by the so called political panels all over the country guilty of such practice. However, I recommend that stricter measures should be pursued in addressing this issue.

1. Any media house which allows its medium to be used as a channel to insult and tarnish the image of others should be fined heavily.

2. Social commentators who lose control of themselves and speak foolishly on the airwaves should be banned from using such medium for a period of time to serve as a deterrent to others.

3. Media houses should incorporate technology that can censor certain words and speeches so that the listening public would be saved from its disadvantageous consequences

4. Media houses and social commentators should try as much as possible to speak objectively on issues and keep their comments strictly on the issues and desist from rendering personal vendettas and character assassination as they put it

With this said, I will like to urge all in this country, to engage in debates that will cause this nation to grow. God bless our young democracy.