Sunday, August 12, 2012


Three days after the burial of former President Mills, I keep asking myself this question:  did he conquer?

From all accounts of the former president, I would say he was a good public servant.  However, his legacy as a president leaves room for little to be said.  The summary of his tenure in office would be described as, "He was a man of PEACE!  Does such a description suffice as conquering for a former sitting president?  Well, I hope by the time you finish reading this write-up you will come to a conclusion of your own.  So, lets start with his personality.

On his personality, I would say his character was undoubtedly without blemish, which is a bold thing for me to opine, (well this is in fact arguable on so many levels) for a politician of his status.  By consensus, he was an honest, humble, caring, selfless, hard working, and a peace-loving man.  In short, he was a man of integrity.  But this integrity, albeit being displayed on the national platform through his conduct as a public official, could not translate into his leadership style.  As a president, he was not that much of an inspiration.

I should not be too critical of him because personally,  I have achieved nothing.  I stand for something, that I cannot represent because I am a coward.  But no, not this man.  He was no coward, he might not have been a good leader, but yet still the solemn truth remains, he stood by his principles.  That to me commands the greatest respect and admiration of all.  This fact was ultimately displayed during his funeral.  That was the sort of man he was.  He could have been a great leader.

However, I will argue further that his reign might not have been for the purpose we all hoped for.  Like the parable spoken by Jesus, the potency of a seed is displayed when dead and buried.  I believe, the purpose for him being elected was so that he could die at this point in time, to save our Great nation from the doom that was pending.  His death I posit, has alleviated our country, Ghana, from a disaster many might not have believed existed.  His death, has revealed the true nature of his election into the highest office in our sovereign state:  the UNITY OF THE PEOPLE.

Ghana will experience peace.  Ghana will reign supreme on the African continent, and the world in the NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE.  The sacrifice has been paid, just as it was some years ago.  The path to greatness has finally been further enhanced.  Yes, he came, he saw, he died, and YES AGAIN, HE DID CONQUER.  Perhaps not what we expected of him, but what his maker expected of him.   In the end, that is what matters.  Solomon even said it, the sole purpose of man is to serve God!  He served, he is at peace.  Now its up to us to run with the torch.

Former President Mills, you might not have been the leader I expected you to be, in fact, although your reign was full of disappointment in my eyes, I want to you to know, wherever you are, that you sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.  It is very much appreciated, especially by those of us who understand the dynamics of what has taken place.  There is no need for me to say may your soul rest in peace, because you are at peace.  Thank you for conquering.

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